Our website is “home base” for everything we will send out via other platforms.  Information about upcoming event, school calendars, enrollment, hours, tuition, and blogs and contact information can all be found here as well as links to all our other social media sites.

Facebook: @CELPreschool

By far still the most popular social media site.  Remember to “Like” AND “Follow” us to get notices about new posts on our site and to get reminders for upcoming events.  Please feel free to leave a review on our page or tag us in photos or events.

Facebook Parent’s page: CEL Preschool Parent Group 2019-2020

This is a page for parents and guardians to connect and discuss. Post community events, or schedule play dates, swap child care for no school days and generally get support from one another. This is a closed group for attendees of the school year. Requires approval from Admin to join.

Instagram: @coloradoearlylearningpreschool

We are working to develop this site still and will be home to great photos from Crazy Hair Day to art projects and Holiday Programs.  Share your candid shots with us by tagging us using hashtags:  #CELP #bestpreschool #coloradoearlylearningpreschool

Twitter: @cel_preschool

Come follow us on Twitter to talk about current events – in the school and around our community. 

We hope this helps our parents and the community to get to know our school a little better and how we are using these platforms to connect with each other in today’s busy world. For any questions, please feel free to contact us at